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My name is Josh, 32, 182 lbs and 5'11''. I have been dancing on and off the last 5 years. I would consider myself an intermediate dancer that needs more lessons. Looking for a novice or semi experienced partner to attend lessons with. I am interested in swing, blues, contra and waltz evening lessons. My email is

Hello, my name is Laurie, 53, 5'5", 115", slim and toned. Advanced Tap dancer, years of experience when younger with Ballet and Jazz. Would very much appreciate a male dance partner, taller than me and athlete shape. to learn the Ballroom Dancing, all of the styles. Goal to teach and even perform/compete. Cell 970-581-1579.

My name is Ernesto, male. I'm 21 125 5'7" Beginner/to dance in evening dances. My partner has to be around my height and weight. Best way to contact me: 504-452-5922. Text messages only please.

My name is Cindy, I'm young at 57, 130 lbs, 5'4". I have been dancing off and on for about 6 years mostly country and West Coast. I've taken a few lessons of Cha Cha and Waltz and love it. I consider myself a beginner continuing to get better. I love dancing and want to learn all that I can. Text me 970.215.1584.

Hi, I'm Deborah, I'm 60, 5'6", 150, I'm a beginner. I would like to take lessons with Andre however, my regular partner has a full work schedule and so I'm looking for a lesson/practice partner. I don't care how you identify gender wise.