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When using the ballroom we have rules to obey that are stated in my contract with the Masonic Temple. Please follow them meticulously.

No street shoes in the ballroom. Please change your shoes before you enter the room. If you do not have shoes dedicated to dancing or warm up, please make sure that the shoes you are wearing are absolutely clean. Any dirt or sand that gets on the floor not only destroys other people’s expensive dance shoes but also creates the hazard of slipping and injury.

No food in the ballroom unless specifically allowed at certain events. This protects us against occasional slippage (see above) and makes the job of the janitor a bit easier. Bottles of water are permitted.

Do not enter the ballroom before the previous class ends. Promptly leave the ballroom after your class ends. I have no breaks between classes. If you do not leave the ballroom right away, the next group loses its time with me. There are restrooms on the second floor. Before and after the class, please use them, rather than the restrooms located by the ballroom.

Do not enter the ballroom if you are late for class and the warm-up has started. Please wait for the break after the warm-up to join the group. Do not disrupt the class by entering the ballroom until the break. By doing otherwise you interrupt the entire class and are stealing instruction time from those who came on time.

Walk along the walls in the ballroom. It is the international rule of ballroom etiquette not to cross the room if somebody is dancing. The reason is obvious – by crossing the room you are in the way of moving couples. Sometimes they move FAST.

No bags, apparel, second pairs of shoes, etc in the ballroom at the dance evenings. Please leave them outside the ballroom. Only you and your bottle of water are allowed. If you have valuables that you hesitate to leave outside of the ballroom, please lock them up in your car.

Note from Andre
Fellow Americans: please do not put your shoes or feet on desks, chairs or other objects where they do not belong.
Thank you very much.