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I have never been in favor of promoting my dance school by encouraging people to read good reviews that I have selected myself. You will not find this type of advertising on my web site. However, I agree with the idea that independent reviews written by dancers and published on the internet may be helpful for newcomers as well as for dance instructors. Personally, I am always curious about what my students think about my school and how I can improve it.

I ask you to go to the internet and publish your honest opinion about my school. My understanding is that it can be done anonymously. So please be sincere. To help you start, here are a few links that I found where you can leave your comments. Hopefully, the other instructors will do the same thing, and we will have a comprehensive review of dance schools in Colorado.

If you find other popular sites on the internet with opportunities to leave a review, please let me know. I am sure that I listed only a small part of available links.

Thank you very much for your time and help in making Colorado a better dance place.