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Advice to Singles Interested in Dancing

Dancing is a wonderful way to spend your leisure time. It is good exercise, lets you forget your daily troubles, and allows you to meet new people who like dancing the same way you do. You may find new friends and become involved in a vibrant social group that shares your interest. If you want to dance, but do not necessarily know how, a dance school is for you.

From the beginning, however, you have a problem if you are single: you need a partner. Though I do not have a uniform method of matching single dancers together, I know what usually does and does not work. Keep in mind, I will not look for a partner for you. This is your responsibility, but here are some suggestions to make it easier and more successful.

Call me. Let me know what you want and do not want from a dance school. I will give you my opinion, and we can figure out whether you should join my school or a different place. I may be able to recommend a suitable fit for you. If I invite you to stop by my ballroom and talk face to face, please do so. I may have some ideas that would be premature for the first phone conversation. A personal meeting with me may end up being a fruitful beginning of your dance future, regardless of whether it is in my school or somewhere else.

Usually, if you talk to me, the rest of the content of this page is naturally incorporated into our conversation. Nevertheless, allow me to outline at least the most important points.